• Monster Maths Franchise Program

    With our massive success across the world, including the US, China and India – we have now started a dedicated Monster Math Sales Franchisee Program in India.


    We have 2 experiential stores operating out of Pune and Bangalore right now – which have sold thousands of subscriptions in India.


    Multiple parents keep on asking us as to an easier way of getting access to the Monster Math program – instead of traveling all the way to the WestEnd Mall in Pune or the Inorbit Mall in Bangalore.


    To alleviate this and to make the program accessible to thousands more parents, we are now rolling out a dedicated “Monster Math Franchisee” program.


    If you are awarded the “Monster Math Franchisee”, you will be able to:

    • Transition from your current role to that of an Entrepreneur; with a minimal, refundable, capital investment
    • Get a return of [x]% on your investment within a span of a few months
    • Get all the leverage to grow your business, by focusing only on how to acquire additional customers – without bothering about operations, finance, legal formalities, branding or other overheads!
    • Leverage your existing network and customer base – especially, if you are already in the education field!

    In short, we will give you all the resources that you need to be able to transition into running your own business with negligible and refundable capital investment! In return, we are looking for a hustler, and an extremely passionate individual – in the field of children’ education as well – and one who is enterprising as well!


    PS: The awarding of the franchise is extremely selective – and the individual will need to demonstrate all or a majority of the traits needed to be able to succeed (see below)

    What We Look For

    If you are a hustler and an extremely enterprising individual, the Monster Math Franchisee program is tailor-made for you.

    You will see your heart identifying with each of the following points:



    • Is passionate about kids – who loves making a difference to childrens’ lives
    • Who understands the importance of learning in a child’s life – not rote learning – but deep, conceptual learning!
    • Who embraces the power of technology in delivering better educational outcomes to kids
    • Who is a hustler! Whether or not he/she wants to run the show from an office, he/she needs to be able and willing to get his/her hands dirty
    • Who will be able to reach out to and connect to dozens of parents every single week and months!
    • Who is an extremely good communicator and someone who is willing to train hard to be successful
    • Who wants to embrace the rewards of being an entrepreneur and who is willing to work for it!


    Good to Have

    • A robust social network
    • Prior experience in the education field – in early learning
    • Classes complementary to the Monster Math program – Abacus / Vedic Maths / Robotics / Private Tuition
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